The love and resentment in “Romeo and Juliet”

HA NOI OPEN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT ON ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE THE LOVE AND RESENTMENT IN “ROMEO AND JULIET” HA NOI,DECEMBER 2007 PART A: INTRODUCTION HISTORICAL CONTEXT In the 15th -16th centuries capitalist relation began to develop in europe. The former towspeople became the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie fought against feudalism because held back the development of capitalism. The decay of feudalism and the development of capitalist relation was followed by

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and great rise in the cultural life of europe. There was an attempt at creating a new culture which would be free from the limitation of the feuclal ideology of the middle ages. The epooh was characterized by the thirst for knowledge and discoveries, by a powerful development of individuality In the 16th century capitalism began to develop in England as well as in other European countries. However, it had some peculiarities. English humamism was both anti-feudal and anti-bourgeois. It was directed against the ignorance and oppression of feudal, against the grabbing and self-interest character of the bourgeoisie. It was the ideology of the most SOCIAL CONTEXT At the beginning of the tudor period England was still largely rural, consisting of small villages scattered across the country although the largest city, Lodon, had 60000 inhabitants by 1500. during the sixteenth century the population more than doubled (to over 4 million), and charging agricultural habits (grouth of sheep, farming, deforestationp) led to social and economic problems. Wool production became the leacling manufacture in England. Landowners drove thousands of peasants off their lards, turning thse lands into pastures or “enclosures” for sheep. There was no work for the peasants and many of them became homeless, beggars rust for riches was typical of the new class of the bourgeoisie. The most progressive people of the county could not help seeing the growing power of money, and the injustice caused by it. The government’s solutionto the problem only made things worse. By the middle of the century there were probably more than 10000 homeless people in the roods. In 1601 the firsr poor lan was passed, and this meant that local people became responsible for the poor in their area. The local authorites could raise money to provide food, accommodation and work for the poor from their parish. The rise of capitalism was also an important factor, in particular in the cloth tiade which reach its apex in the 16th century. There were also a series of important techological advance, such as impoorovements in the manufacture af steel, and the increasing use of coal. The condition of woman in England was one of the best in Europe, although of the course the strain of bearing enormous families and the high proportion of death in childbirth The invention of printing at the beginning of the period to ever- increasing standerdization of the english language. There was a boom in literacy by the end of the period, it is estimated that half the population could read and write 3. LITERARY CONTEXT Renaissance literature in England is in fact full of influences from classical models. Even so quintessentially of english an author as shakespear based the structure of his plays on the five ats preralend in anciend ROME, the very terms”comedy” and “tragedy” reflect an influence from the past. One may even cite ROMEO and JULIET’s suicicle as an example of classical values rather than those of ELIZABETHAN church. The use of ghosts in renaissance dramma evolved from rather solid figures in early to the sophisticated psychological devices populating shakespoear’s tragedies. Tragedy as the fall of a single great person due to fatal flaw developed into webster’s tatolly corrupt and brutal world. The major influence on the english listerature of the renaissance was surprisingly not dante but petrarch, who established the language in europe. It is difficult for moders perhaps to realise fust what a revolutionary step this wa: romantic love has become part of life in the wertern tradition and it is hard to imagine a time when this language was not yet conceived or formulated. In fact, in renaissance comedy to make people laugh, another characteristic of renaissance literature, which may elude the modern reader, it decorum and elegance. Since the romantic period more emphasis has been placed on sincerity and naturalress, but this was alen to renaissance literature which thus may sometime seem artificial to modern eyes. The progressive ideology of the renaissance was humanism. Human life, the hapiness of poeople and the belief in man’s abilities became the main bubjects in file arts and literature. The works of humanists proclaimed equality of people regardless of their social origin, race and religion. Humanism did way with the dark scholastic traching of the middle ages. The development of a new social order presented great possibilities for man’s creative power. That is why the humanist outlook was with bright optimism, with belief in man’s great abiliteis and his high mission PART B:DEVELOPMENT BACKGROUND OF SHAKESPEAR William Shakespear(1564-1616) is the great playwright and poet of England and humanity in renaissance, the period is considering that “the greatest advanced turning point from the past to that time which humanity has never seen before , the poriod needed great people and made a lot of them”. William shakespear is the example. He was born in the small town of strat ford upon-avon in the bussiness family. In 1578, when his family has difficulties, hehad to dropout. In 1585 he went to London where he joined a theatrical company and worked as an actor and a play wright. At that time, England ideology develops. In 1613, he left London and return native town after one year, he died and was buried there. He is the author of 2 poems, 37 plays and 154 sonnets. His creative work is usually divided into three periods The first period that lasted from 1590 to 1600 was marked by the optimism so characteristic of all humanist literature. It is best reflected in his brilliant comedies. The two gentlemen of verona(1594),a mid summer night’s dream(1595),twelfth night(1600). They describe the adventures of young men and women, their friendship and love, their search for happiness. In this period, the historical chronicles form another group of plays written by him, such as: King Henry VI (partII) (1950), King Henry(partII)(1959). . . . however the main subjectsof the chronicles are not the lives and fates of kings but history itself and the development of the country. The second period (1601-1608) are his four great tragedies: Hamlet,Prinee of Denmark(1601),Othello, The moor of venice(1604),King lear(1605), and Macbeth (1605). They reflect the deep unsolvable contradictions of life the falsehood, injustice and tyranny existing in society The third period (1609-1612). His plays differ from everything written by him before. The playwright still touches upon important social and moral problems. He introduces romantic and fantastic elements, wich have a decisive role in his plays. Due to these peculiarities the works of this period- Cymbeline(1609), The Winter’s tale(1610) and The Tempest(1612) are called romantic drammas. BACKGROUND OF ROMEO AND JULIET Romeo and Juliet was the first farmous play of Shakespear. It was written in 1549, include 5 scences with poet and prose. This play depend on the true story about resentment montague and capulet family in verona. The play talked about love story between Romeo and Juliet in feuding of two families every became worse when Romeo killed poeople in capulet family and Romeo was hard labour. Juliet had to married another so she drink sleeping pill to pretend to be die in 42 hours to wait Romeo returning. Romeo came back seeing Juliet died and he drank poison soon. Juliet wake up seeing Romeo died so she suicided by sword of Romeo . Capulet and montague family went The play was romantic butdeeply. It was not only praised the love, but reflect. Social face at that time. THE LOVE AND RESENTMENT IN ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo is a montague who is in love with Juliet. Juliet is a capulet, the only problem with this is that the two families have a ongoing fuge between them romeo at this point in the story is standing quietlly undet Juliet‘s bacony, Juliet was standing on her balcony, and not realising Romeo was there because it was dark Juliet was expressing her love to Romeo and Juliet at the first sight he felt in love with Juliet. In his eyes, Juliet is the most beautiful girld. He campared het with the best things. Such as”it is the east and Juliet is the sun” compared her eyes with stars, even she was more beautiful than all Two of the fairest stars in all the heave Having some business, do intreat her eyes To twinkle in their spheres till they return What if her eyes were there, they in her head The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars As daylight doth a lampo, her eyes in heaven Would through the airy region stream so bright At the start of act 2 , Romeo is very immature in saying a few things , like. “Cast it off”,meaning that Juliet shoudn’t worry any more because Romeo is there to save her and protect her. Romeo can also be impracticable in the way he acts and the way he expresses his love to Juliet. For example”I’ll be new baptized” meaning that Romeo will change his surname and not communicate with his family Juliet wondering that why does she love Romeo who is her enemy. Why Romeo is a montague. If she is not a capulet, he is not a montague that is good. She wishes she can wipe out her surname. O Romeo are therefore thou Romeo Deny they father and refuse thf name Or, if thou will not, be but sworn my love And I’ll no longer be a capulet Romeo and Juliet , the star crossed lover, the perfect sadly losing there lives for their great love of each other. The tragic death had many characters to blame, but it is impossible to pinpoint the full responsibility on one individual character. Many of the characters in “Romeo and Juliet me each other for example, the prince blames the two families and feud their deaths he believes that if certain thing were different than this whole mess wold not have accuried. If this terrible feud were not accurring than there would have been no objection to Romeo and Juliet getting married. Tis but thy name that is my enemy Thou art thyself,thought not a montague What’s montague?it is not hand,not foot Not arm, not face, not any othe poart Belonging to a man o, be some other name What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sw Juliet wants Romeo to cast off his name because it is her enemy and only surname. If he doesn’t bring this name he still Romeo with heart and love. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that tille. Romeo, doff thy name And for thy name, which is no part of thee. And then, shakespear initial introduces Romeo to be a romantic sentimentalist, who is over obsessed with his own emotions. Romeo, however, loses thse personality traiths towards the end of the play and becomes more mature offer falling deeply in love with Juliet. His love for her strorg and over- whelming. How cam’st thou hither, tell me, and where fore? The orchard walls are high and hard to climb And the place death, considering who thou ard If any of my kinsmen find thee here A trong love make a noble and beautiful feeling, Help people over come themselves and difficulties. With love’s light wings did I o’orpeerch these walls For srony limits cannot hold love out And what love can do, that dart love attempt Therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me. Although their love is beautiful, deeply and strongly,thay cannot overcome lawsof seciety and their love had bad effect. The reference to Romeo and Juliet’s star crossed lovers’ hints that Romeo and Juliet were meant to die because it was their desting. There fore this is what fate had planned for their lives. It suggests Romeo and Juliet were just a small part if a bigger poicture and their love and death’s spiralled on chain reaction within verona. These chain reaction caused bigger events to occur, such as the new proclaimed brothership and friendship between montague and capulet” oh brother montague, give me thy hard”. The cease of hatred between montague and capulet would have made a huge difference to the city of verona. There would be less fighting and unnecessary hurt and pain due to the family’s feud. The city of verona would have been more united. Thy drugs are quick – thus with a kiss I die Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end O clurl, drink all and left no friendlly drp To help me ofter? I will kiss thy lips Haply some poison yet deth hang on them To make me die with a restorative In one of Shakespear’s most masterful pieces, he depicts a tragic love story in which love conquers all but at what cost? The truth is in this play, love is the victor, but with horrible consequences. Loves lives on survices, but only at the loss of live. Shakespear constantly velates love with tragedy, stating that love is in fact fleeting and impermanent. The only way for love to live forever is if it dies young. PART C: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PLAY The significance of the play “Romeo and Juliet” is the art of character setting of the author Shakespear. By his fine- true – writing, Shakespear had brought to reader the portrait of a person, who came over themselves, won man’s heart. Through the play, William Shakespear not only spraised the beautiful love of Romeo and Juliet, he also reflected face of society in England at that time. When the freedom, equality, humamity are not existance so Romeo and Juliet’s love may be had a good perfect. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” the man was described by simple and modest words of shakespear which brought reader chlser to the character, feeling sad when the character sad, feeling pain when the character was poain. So the play closer to the reader. Beside that, the play left for mam valuable lessons. Although, the play is tragedy play, it have humanist about man and their abilities. REFERENCE outline of american literature L. cortes nikiforova O soudlenkova(1987),”english American literature” www.sv2 123 ._.

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